An Update Tonight… An Update Tomorrow…


So I know Rusty Navigator was just released mere hours ago, however it lacked the inclusion of pinning points of interest in the Rust map which I know many of you were looking forward to.  Tomorrow I should have a new polished version which includes this feature.  Currently Saving/Loading points on a map works, and I just finished up calibrating the new method of storing data based on this.

I also changed the friend text and point of interest text to a white ivory color which will contrast much better on top of the rust game map.  Adding points on the map is as simple as clicking on where you would like to add a point, and filling out the text to go with it.  Eventually I may have a sharing feature to share your saved points easily with friends; however right now the points can be saved to a file and sent off to friends.

This program has come a far way in the last two weeks, and I look forward to adding even more to it! Stay tuned for tomorrows update!