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Rusty Navigator Microsoft VC++ 10 WinPcap Fix

So early this morning, working with the user “Mattsmgd” on the forum we solved a possible issue that I did not know existed with Rusty Navigator.

The problem existed on a fresh install of Windows 7 x64 and Rusty Navigator would crash upon starting, even with WinPcap installed.  Apparently the WinPcap library’s that are used within Rusty Navigator to listen to packet data require a few other .dll’s to run from the Microsoft VC++ Redistributable Package.  Without these, the WinPcap .dll’s cannot load at runtime and error out.

You can grab the required package here if you are experiencing this issue.  I’m also going to add this to the downloads section.  Most computers have this already installed, as its a common requirement for quite a bit of software out there.

A big thanks to everyone who has posted their bugs and suggestions on the Forums.  I appreciate your time to let me know! It’s the only way I know to fix something. lol

Status Update

I try to update this on a daily basis, just to keep you all informed of daily happenings of Rusty Navigator.  I’ve decided to update the Rusty Navigator page to reflect what it actually does now, I kept updating the software and completely forget about things like the website… ha.

In terms of whats been added to Rusty Navigator itself:
- The small bug-fixes to fix some friend position sharing issues should be resolved now.
- The rusty navigator map can now be zoomed in and out with the mouse wheel.  Added an option in the menu too for people who may be mouse wheel challenged.
- Forced a server IP refresh when sharing friend locations.  This should fix the issue with local interfaces binding as the server IP.  If it continues to be problematic, I have another approach to do this automatic detection; but this should work well in most… if not all cases.

Now I’m going to try and throw in location pinning before the Saturday release.  I’m going to add a save / load function for now; however I may add the ability to share points with your friends during a friend location share… I think that would be kind of cool.

Let me know what you guys think!

New Discussion Forum & Rust In Game Map Update

So the numbers are showing that some traction is starting to happen with Rusty Navigator, and to better improve the software I have just enabled a Rusty Navigator Forum so any comments, concerns, suggestions, etc. can be posted to…  I appreciate any feedback to help improve the software!

And in other update news…. I’ve gotten some positive feedback on the software so far; but the biggest obstacle people would like to overcome is seeing where their friends are on the server.  So I’m going to implement a method to do this, and will release this next!  Since there is no real way to have any Clan/Tribe/Group/etc on the Rust server I will be implementing a way to see where your friends/group members are.

New groups will be able to be created through Rusty Navigator, with a password.  Members will be able to join the group, and only members of your group will be able to see your location and vise-versa.  Hopefully this will increase the usability of the Rust In-Game Map.

Stay tuned, as I’ll have more shortly :)

Rust In Game Map Development

locatorSo I got curious tonight about other packets that get sent in game; Lo and behold I have the beginnings of an animal/resource/box/etc locator.  I have locations/positions of objects but have yet to decode what the objects are… Looks to be a project for tomorrow afternoon.

With the amount of packets that are getting filtered now, if you have a hard time running Rust as it is, you are going to have some pain with this app.  I was toying around with some sniffing on an older laptop of mine which runs Rust… just not well, and well packets were getting bogged left right and center.  Throw in hundreds of update calls to new objects to draw on the map,.. and it gets ugly.  Likewise there are still a few performance things to tweak, so we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve implemented the basic structure to pin points of interest on a map, and should have this feature implemented completely.

I’ll keep you posted…


Rust And The Quest For More

So a week ago or so I picked up the game Rust from the Steam Store…  Good friend of mine recommended it over DayZ, so I figured for $20, what the heck.  I knew the game was still not ‘release’ quality by any means but playable.  So off I ventured into the game not knowing much about the dynamics, but picked up the basics quickly.  Kill stuff, harvest stuff, survive.

I soon learned that on most servers, no one is your friend and they all want to kill you.  So I had to build a stash somewhere to keep my belongings whilst venturing off into what is usually death at some point. (Heavy hacking was happening, to the fact that you would just die for no reason.)

However, I soon became frustrated that I could never ever get my bearings of where I was, and where the hell I had built and stored my stuff.  I needed more…  So I built what turned  into Rusty Navigator.