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Rust Game Map Fixes

So I thought I’d make a quick post tonight with some update news for Rusty Navigator.  Tonight I have fixed the ‘relative’ area of where you are in Rust, and now your location will _exactly_ match up with the servers.  Im also just finishing up the code on changing how the GPS Navi works on the Rust map.  It now rotates completely relative to what angle you are facing in the world.  Pretty exciting stuff.

This is one of the things that was mentioned on the Rusty Navigator Forum, and I will always prioritize what you guys want fixed/added the most!  Be sure to register and post, as you could possibly change where Rusty Navigator is going.  I appreciate any input.

Tomorrow I am looking to upload a bug fix version of the last build.  I think there is some confusion on how the Friend Finder system works. Your friends must be running Rusty Navigator as well, then you (and they) will see where you are as long as your playing on the same server with the same group/password combination.  I’m going to add more error checks and make it a bit more user-friendly for everyone.

A new build will be out tomorrow evening after I get some testing done on the current stable build.  Thereafter the next build will fix the accuracy on the map, and a new map will be put on Rusty Navigator.  I know its a pain in the ass to keep un-installing and re-installing a new Rusty Navigator, but hopefully this will be built up quickly!


Rust In Game Friends Map

Rust In Game Friends Map

Rust In Game Friends Map

Small update for you all… Friend location will be up and running shortly.  Before I release it, I need to do a bit of debugging to ensure nothing wonky happens.  I’m hoping to set up some time tomorrow to test it out. And hopefully a build by tomorrow night-ish.

Essentially there is now a new tab (Friends) at the top of Rusty Navigator, which will allow you to view your friends who are also using Rusty Navigator.  This will help if you want to organize a group or clan in-game.

Now I’ve tackled this a unique way, Essentially anyone can create a “Clan” or “Group”, password it, and make your location visible to all your friends/clan members across a server.

rusty-groupEssentially the fields are as follows:

Group/Clan Name: Unique “Room” Identifier.
UserName: What you want to display as your name on the map.
Password: The password to the “Room”

Once these fields are populated, whenever you are on a server where a friend has the same shared Group/Password combination, you will see their current/last location.  I think its pretty neat… :)

Due to the nature of this, location updates happen every 10-15 seconds or so, but for what it is I think this will be very sufficient.