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Cheatpunch update

So from the information I have been reading, it appears that CheatPunch is taking screenshots of peoples computer while running Rust.  This being said, I don’t know as of yet if it is limited to the client window of Rust, or complete desktop if running in a window.

That being said, you can avoid sending off your personal computers screen shots by doing the following:

Running Windows, open the following file AS ADMINISTRATOR (or it will not let you save) C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

Add the following line:

“” (no quotes)

Make sure you save this file, and reboot your machine. In a nutshell what this will do is whenever CheatPunch wants to send off data, it will get redirected to your local computer before hitting a DNS lookup.  Since your not running a CheatPunch server, it will appear that the system is down, and be unable to send off the data.

I have not got any reports yet of being CheatPunch’d by running Rusty Navigator.  However this is a step to protect yourself just in case they are targeting Rusty Navigator as well.


Community Requests to the next Rusty Navigator

Support has been awesome for Rusty Navigator, and I want to thank each and every one of you for pointing out how you think Rusty Navigator can be better.

For the next update, the requests I have received include:

- The ability to show/hide the bottom X/Z/Heading Bar and Menu, as some of you do not like it being visible as you play.  I’ll look into coding this in for you.
- Visibility to items in the world showing up on the map.
- Newer In-Game map.

The list is getting smaller and smaller, soon enough Im going to have to create another app for something else to keep myself busy! haha

Updates may be a bit slower the next little bit, as my RealLife(tm) work schedule has changed up quite a bit leaving a little less time to sit down and code; Honestly the only time consuming thing left for me would be the world item visibility; I still need to look more into its packet structure.

Anyways, enjoy Rust; (Even though I’m still upset they got rid of zombies!)