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New Rusty Nav Is Still Being Worked On…

Hey guys,

Just thought Id post a quick comment that I am still actively working on Rusty Navigator for the new Rust branch.  Unfortunately the last few weeks have been kind of ridiculous at the “Real Life” job, so that kind of translated into less time devoted to working on the Navigator.

If it continues this way, I will eventually have to source out another coder to help aid in its progression.  But, I don’t think I need to do that just yet. :P

Art Auction The Scream

Sigh… Well back to the drawing board.

So something interesting came about today…. Looks like I have to rip apart the new net Structure for Rust.  Rust was using something called “Lidgren” for its data needs, it has since changed to something else…  Actually awhile ago, but I have not updated my rust or dedicated server I test on, so I have begun the process again of dissecting the packet structure.  Not too concerned, I’ve made a few tools along the way to make it easier each time they decided to want to switch things up.  So a bit longer to wait on the New Rusty Navigator.

Really its not all a waste of time, as a bunch of things did not change.  Such things as structures and how things are transmitted are similar, its just re-configuring to use the new library that Rust is using now.

Stay tuned, now off to work on it some more!


New Rust — Rusty Navigator Progress Update

So I have been poking and prodding at the new rust and well… It looks like I have de-crypted the current packet structure, and just finalizing the method to sniff the incoming packets on a second computer. (As a note: you will require a second computer attached to your network as your “Rust” game. With the amount of anti-cheating code that is built into Rust, it will not be long until this new program will be detected and will result in you being banned from the new version of rust)


Currently the new rust has a random map structure, which I will be trying to work on and map in this program as well.  However I will be starting off with just a GPS style, just like the original Rusty Navigator did which will show where you are in the world by X,Y,Z co-ordinates and a facing direction.  From there I will build up more features.

I plan on adding in such things as resources and whatnot in later as it becomes more developed.

Now for one important thing… If you would like to receive an invite to try this new Rusty Navigator out, subscribe to updates on this blog.  Anyone whom registers on HackTheGrid will receive access to development updates before anyone else, and be able to test drive the new version of Rusty Navigator.


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A New Rusty Navigator?

I’ve been getting a few emails in regards to updating Rusty Navigator to work with the latest build of Rust.  …Actually more then just a few, its been kinda overwhelming.  I did this as just a program to show where the heck I was in the game, and decided to share it with the world.  But coding for the new version of Rust…?

I will say this…

I will take some time to take a look at packet structure, and how the cipher operates and see if I can get a basic Rusty Navigator out for the newest version of Rust.  Now with the latest anti-cheats, and everything else, It will be essential that Rusty Navigator to be run on another machine.  This makes detection impossible.

I’ll keep you posted…


Rust Map Remote Viewing – Impossible Detection

So I was answering some emails today, and generally just taking it easy when a forum post sparked my interest.  There was a user “offload” whom has been following Rusty Navigator and patiently waiting for a release in which you can use Rusty Navigator from a second computer.  So after responding to the post, I decided to get cracking at it.  So a few tv episodes later and a Subway sandwich, I had something together and tested.

I’ve heard your concerns, and I’ve fixed it for all of you. :)  Ive pushed out ANOTHER release today mere hours after releasing which includes the ability to run Rusty Navigator from a second computer. Granted there are some people who are still concerned with running Rusty Navigator while playing Rust in-game for fear of CheatPunch or VAC, which is _completely_ understandable.  Especially if you have a larger game library.


Real simple setup. Make sure all the pre-req’s are installed and run Rusty Navigator.

Run as a Local Setup, or a Remote.  Clicking remote will pop-open a text box to input the target computers IP.  This IP is the computer that Rust is going to be playing on. Hit Okay and your off to the races. All the regular functions of Rusty Navigator work this way as well.

Now a big note to people running WiFi… This will not work with WiFi, only wired connections.  If you can force your adapter into a promiscuous mode, it should work but its not really something I’m looking to get into.  Another note… Switches are becoming more common now.  These are like network hubs, but filter out what packets to send out what ports depending on what MACs are connected.  If its not working, make sure this is not the case.  Hubs work great. :P

As usual if you do have any issues, be sure to post them in the Forums.

What are you waiting for? Go tell your Rusty friends and Download the latest Rusty Navigator now (!



Rusty Navigator Released — A Better In Game Map

As promised, new Rusty Navigator has been released.

The following things have been updated:
- Various Bug Fixes
- Cleaned up the draw code to omit functions that do not need updating when not in use.
- Removed some control stuffs that just didn’t need to be around anymore.
- Status bar does not show automatically anymore.  You must enable it in the Map menu now.
- Mini Mode added. This adds the feature to keep the map “Always on top” and removes all bars and windows. (You can activate this by double clicking the map or in the Map menu)
- Adding points of interest now changed to right clicking on the map to add points.
- Updated the packet timing on how often the map is updated.  The map will now be more responsive.
- Added Windows installer files to the setup, this was omitted in the deployment for some strange reason last release.

Please report any issues you find over on the Forums.  As well, for people experiencing any graphics lagging please report this as well with your machine setup.  The next step will be to push out a smaller map file to increase draw speed, however I think I will just include this in the next release. (Which will hopefully just include a new map and a fix for going off the map when you pass hacker valley.)  I’m going to hopefully have the next release out by this weekend.

In the meantime, give this release a try and head over to the Downloads section.

Happy Rusting.


Rusty Navigator Microsoft VC++ 10 WinPcap Fix

So early this morning, working with the user “Mattsmgd” on the forum we solved a possible issue that I did not know existed with Rusty Navigator.

The problem existed on a fresh install of Windows 7 x64 and Rusty Navigator would crash upon starting, even with WinPcap installed.  Apparently the WinPcap library’s that are used within Rusty Navigator to listen to packet data require a few other .dll’s to run from the Microsoft VC++ Redistributable Package.  Without these, the WinPcap .dll’s cannot load at runtime and error out.

You can grab the required package here if you are experiencing this issue.  I’m also going to add this to the downloads section.  Most computers have this already installed, as its a common requirement for quite a bit of software out there.

A big thanks to everyone who has posted their bugs and suggestions on the Forums.  I appreciate your time to let me know! It’s the only way I know to fix something. lol


Rusty Navigator Update — Requests, Speed And Bugs

rustynav1151Quick update for all of you this morning; I’ve had a few suggestions and bug reports that I have been trying to push into this release.  I’m just waiting to hear back from a few more users to finalize this next release.

I’ve had a request to remove the status bar which shows the XZ/Heading stuff at the bottom.  I’ve made it so it starts with it closed, and you can always turn it on if you want.  I agree its not as useful as what it once was, since the GPS needle moves around now.

Secondly, I’ve cleaned up the draw code, its basically as lean as it can be.  I’ve had some reports that some people have laggy performance, especially on Windows 8 machines.  There are two less controls on the form now ( which really were put there for quick development reasons back in the initial release), and some draw calls wont happen until there is something to draw (ie friends/points). I think I found the issue with some of the frame rate problems, which was one line of code from the old gps 90 degree needle.

Third, people are still having problems here and there with Winpcap which I’m going to try and do something to ease the pain of debugging whats going on when it decides to not work.  It seems all of the time, it has to do with the WinPcap service not running correctly with some of the newest versions of windows.  As well there is an issue with the gps going all wonky when you walk past towards hacker mountain area.  Going to try and work on this and have it corrected.

So if you have come across any bugs, or have any suggestions please head over to the Forum, and post your thoughts.  I can try to squeeze them in to the next release.  Im looking to release the next version most likely this Tuesday/Wednesday.

Thanks for the support, and i’ll keep you updated!


Cheatpunch update

So from the information I have been reading, it appears that CheatPunch is taking screenshots of peoples computer while running Rust.  This being said, I don’t know as of yet if it is limited to the client window of Rust, or complete desktop if running in a window.

That being said, you can avoid sending off your personal computers screen shots by doing the following:

Running Windows, open the following file AS ADMINISTRATOR (or it will not let you save) C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

Add the following line:

“” (no quotes)

Make sure you save this file, and reboot your machine. In a nutshell what this will do is whenever CheatPunch wants to send off data, it will get redirected to your local computer before hitting a DNS lookup.  Since your not running a CheatPunch server, it will appear that the system is down, and be unable to send off the data.

I have not got any reports yet of being CheatPunch’d by running Rusty Navigator.  However this is a step to protect yourself just in case they are targeting Rusty Navigator as well.



Sharing Rusty Navigator Across The Internets

So it looks like Rusty Navigator is popping up on a lot of different forums and websites everywhere; Which is great!  However I do have one ask of people sharing it on Forums and whatnot….

Rusty Navigator is updated _alot_, my one ask for people who are hosting this file is to link back to this website.  There are a few sites out there still touting as the latest Rusty Navigator which has more quirks then the latest. As well, most forums that I have seen it on screen their file uploads for viruses. (Great to see)  But for you guys and gals, always try and download from when you can.  With all this Cheat Punch stuff going on, who knows what someone may do to my installers.

On a lighter note, be sure to register on the Forums and post any suggestions or bugs/quirks you have found.  I like to hear your input, and will roll up your suggestion into an upcoming release.  Again the next release ( should be slated for early next week.