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New Rusty Navigator Released

I have uploaded the latest build of Rusty Navigator with Friend Position Sharing.  This should be a stable build, and built with .NET4 so Windows XP machines should have no problem running this.


New Menu Addition

So to share your location with friends, its pretty simple.  Your friends will just need to know your group name and password and join the same server.  Select “Friends->Group And Location Sharing” to bring up the Group menu:


Set the value of the Clan/Group name (can be anything), and a password you wish to use.  Your UserName does not have to be your Steam Name, you can set whatever you want it to be. (However it is handy for people to know who you actually are).  Current Server should read the server IP that you are on right now.  (Please see the note below on detection).  After your done, click Save Details & Update.  You will now update your position to anyone else sharing that group/password combo on your server.  (EDIT: You must share your group/password with friends using Rusty Navigator. This function will not show people in the world; This is strictly for groups.  Share details with your friends, and make sure all the fields are filled out!)

For current testing purposes, location updates happen every 15 seconds. I will be updating this to a lower update interval in the next release but need it at this value for test data purposes.

**Note: Please run Rust first, connect to a server THEN run Rusty Navigator.  Rusty Navigator is good at detecting server IP’s, however it doesn’t fail when already connected to Rust. You can usually start it in whichever order you wish, however some users have reported problems.  I will looking into this. **

With that being said, trek on and Download the latest build now.

Next On The In-Game Map List
Now this is a test build as I need more people to test this software out before I move forward with more additions. Next update will include a better map, and location marking with bug fixes of anything that comes about with this release..

Please post any bugs in the Forum; Sorry for the delay.. power litterally went out at my home at 8PM… Thank you UPS!

Rust In-Game Friend Update

So worked on finishing up some of the exception codes that could be thrown in Rusty Navigator. Essentially it did not like to update friend details after its initial call.. This is fixed.

Testing it last night, I did find another but not functionally earth shattering so next release will have all kinks worked out. I unfortunately didn’t have time to throw a build up last night as something came up in “RealLife”…. So in or around 8PM EST tonight when I get in (mobile now), I will upload the latest build of Rusty Navigator. I’ll also post a small how-to on friend location sharing as well.

I think you’ll enjoy this release..

Rusty Navigator Update (In-Game Friend Update)

So I promised an update to Rusty Navigator in my last post…So I just played Rust for about two solid hours tonight with a friend; Luckily came across two small hiccups in the code on my end and nothing on the client machine, but works very well overall.

I am going to adjust a few things tomorrow afternoon as certain things can occur under real wonky circumstances, and set it loose in the wild for all of you to test.  A game map showing you and your friends is quite handy… especially when your getting ambushed and need to regroup. (Which happened tonight…)

Tomorrow I should have for you a stable build of what I tested tonight.  I really wanted to package it up and have everyone out there test it, but I just don’t want something crashing on someone in the middle of game play.

Make sure to swing over to the Forums too and register!  I’ll have an update for ya’s tomorrow, make sure to check back.

Rust In Game Friends Map

Rust In Game Friends Map

Rust In Game Friends Map

Small update for you all… Friend location will be up and running shortly.  Before I release it, I need to do a bit of debugging to ensure nothing wonky happens.  I’m hoping to set up some time tomorrow to test it out. And hopefully a build by tomorrow night-ish.

Essentially there is now a new tab (Friends) at the top of Rusty Navigator, which will allow you to view your friends who are also using Rusty Navigator.  This will help if you want to organize a group or clan in-game.

Now I’ve tackled this a unique way, Essentially anyone can create a “Clan” or “Group”, password it, and make your location visible to all your friends/clan members across a server.

rusty-groupEssentially the fields are as follows:

Group/Clan Name: Unique “Room” Identifier.
UserName: What you want to display as your name on the map.
Password: The password to the “Room”

Once these fields are populated, whenever you are on a server where a friend has the same shared Group/Password combination, you will see their current/last location.  I think its pretty neat… :)

Due to the nature of this, location updates happen every 10-15 seconds or so, but for what it is I think this will be very sufficient.


New Discussion Forum & Rust In Game Map Update

So the numbers are showing that some traction is starting to happen with Rusty Navigator, and to better improve the software I have just enabled a Rusty Navigator Forum so any comments, concerns, suggestions, etc. can be posted to…  I appreciate any feedback to help improve the software!

And in other update news…. I’ve gotten some positive feedback on the software so far; but the biggest obstacle people would like to overcome is seeing where their friends are on the server.  So I’m going to implement a method to do this, and will release this next!  Since there is no real way to have any Clan/Tribe/Group/etc on the Rust server I will be implementing a way to see where your friends/group members are.

New groups will be able to be created through Rusty Navigator, with a password.  Members will be able to join the group, and only members of your group will be able to see your location and vise-versa.  Hopefully this will increase the usability of the Rust In-Game Map.

Stay tuned, as I’ll have more shortly :)

Rust In Game Map Development

locatorSo I got curious tonight about other packets that get sent in game; Lo and behold I have the beginnings of an animal/resource/box/etc locator.  I have locations/positions of objects but have yet to decode what the objects are… Looks to be a project for tomorrow afternoon.

With the amount of packets that are getting filtered now, if you have a hard time running Rust as it is, you are going to have some pain with this app.  I was toying around with some sniffing on an older laptop of mine which runs Rust… just not well, and well packets were getting bogged left right and center.  Throw in hundreds of update calls to new objects to draw on the map,.. and it gets ugly.  Likewise there are still a few performance things to tweak, so we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve implemented the basic structure to pin points of interest on a map, and should have this feature implemented completely.

I’ll keep you posted…

Rusty Navigator Released

So Rusty Navigator is born!

I decided to write a GPS style application for Rust, and well I’ve packaged it up and ready for end-user installs.  Took 3 days or so to go from reading packet data to showing whats going on in a game. Now this app is not a hook for the game, it runs in a complete separate process than Rust and does not access its memory.  It just reads incoming packets getting sent to your computer and figures out data based on that.  I’m not responsible for any bans that may occur, and all that jazz; but this is a different kind of beast compared to most ‘helper’ apps out there.

So with that being said….

I Just finished posting the initial build of Rusty Navigator.  There may be the odd bug here or there; as it is a work in progress.  Visit the Rusty Navigator page for all progress updates and details.  Going forward I will just post a quick blurb on the main page when updates occur.  Going to try to throw up a quick video of what it does shortly on YouTube….