New Rust — Rusty Navigator Progress Update

So I have been poking and prodding at the new rust and well… It looks like I have de-crypted the current packet structure, and just finalizing the method to sniff the incoming packets on a second computer. (As a note: you will require a second computer attached to your network as your “Rust” game. With the amount of anti-cheating code that is built into Rust, it will not be long until this new program will be detected and will result in you being banned from the new version of rust)


Currently the new rust has a random map structure, which I will be trying to work on and map in this program as well.  However I will be starting off with just a GPS style, just like the original Rusty Navigator did which will show where you are in the world by X,Y,Z co-ordinates and a facing direction.  From there I will build up more features.

I plan on adding in such things as resources and whatnot in later as it becomes more developed.

Now for one important thing… If you would like to receive an invite to try this new Rusty Navigator out, subscribe to updates on this blog.  Anyone whom registers on HackTheGrid will receive access to development updates before anyone else, and be able to test drive the new version of Rusty Navigator.


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