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Sharing Rusty Navigator Across The Internets

So it looks like Rusty Navigator is popping up on a lot of different forums and websites everywhere; Which is great!  However I do have one ask of people sharing it on Forums and whatnot….

Rusty Navigator is updated _alot_, my one ask for people who are hosting this file is to link back to this website.  There are a few sites out there still touting as the latest Rusty Navigator which has more quirks then the latest. As well, most forums that I have seen it on screen their file uploads for viruses. (Great to see)  But for you guys and gals, always try and download from when you can.  With all this Cheat Punch stuff going on, who knows what someone may do to my installers.

On a lighter note, be sure to register on the Forums and post any suggestions or bugs/quirks you have found.  I like to hear your input, and will roll up your suggestion into an upcoming release.  Again the next release ( should be slated for early next week.



New Rust Anti-Cheat “CheatPunch”

So I have gotten a few questions today in regards to this new Anti-Cheat system called “CheatPunch” that is built into Rust, and if Rusty Navigator flags anything with it.

At this point, it appears that this new system targets .dll injections and Rust hooks.  However its unfortunate as most of the well written ones can still evade this system by how the anti-cheat system works.  Rusty Navigator should be safe to use still without fear of anything happening.  This could always change, so what I am going to do is push up the ability to use Rusty Navigator on a second PC to listen to packet data.  This will make detection completely impossible, and give some of you some piece of mind.  Next release of Rusty Navigator is looking like in or around the beginning of next week.

I still am a little shocked at the lack of changes in Rust still.  I’ve only owned the game for a month, and for being an alpha they are being quite conservative with new “stuff” in the game…. Removed Zombies (which I actually enjoyed); and added rocks that break differently now…. *sigh*

Oh well… Happy Rusting!  (At least the resources wont kill you now…)

Community Requests to the next Rusty Navigator

Support has been awesome for Rusty Navigator, and I want to thank each and every one of you for pointing out how you think Rusty Navigator can be better.

For the next update, the requests I have received include:

- The ability to show/hide the bottom X/Z/Heading Bar and Menu, as some of you do not like it being visible as you play.  I’ll look into coding this in for you.
- Visibility to items in the world showing up on the map.
- Newer In-Game map.

The list is getting smaller and smaller, soon enough Im going to have to create another app for something else to keep myself busy! haha

Updates may be a bit slower the next little bit, as my RealLife(tm) work schedule has changed up quite a bit leaving a little less time to sit down and code; Honestly the only time consuming thing left for me would be the world item visibility; I still need to look more into its packet structure.

Anyways, enjoy Rust; (Even though I’m still upset they got rid of zombies!)


A New Rusty Navigator Brings Pin Points


So as promised the new Rusty Navigator is out.  You can now replace your day old version with a more feature packed version now!  Rusty Navigator adds the ability to put “Pin Points” on the map with a note.  Just click wherever you want a point on the Rust map, and a box will come up asking you for the note to go with it.  You can then save and load the points through the Map menu.

So What are you waiting for?  Download it now, and tell your friends.

An Update Tonight… An Update Tomorrow…


So I know Rusty Navigator was just released mere hours ago, however it lacked the inclusion of pinning points of interest in the Rust map which I know many of you were looking forward to.  Tomorrow I should have a new polished version which includes this feature.  Currently Saving/Loading points on a map works, and I just finished up calibrating the new method of storing data based on this.

I also changed the friend text and point of interest text to a white ivory color which will contrast much better on top of the rust game map.  Adding points on the map is as simple as clicking on where you would like to add a point, and filling out the text to go with it.  Eventually I may have a sharing feature to share your saved points easily with friends; however right now the points can be saved to a file and sent off to friends.

This program has come a far way in the last two weeks, and I look forward to adding even more to it! Stay tuned for tomorrows update!

New Release: Rusty Navigator

The new Rusty Navigator map for Rust is now in the Downloads section.  This release addresses some issues with random crashes during friend location sharing, and forces and IP refresh when sharing locations.  This release also includes the ability to zoom the map in and out; A feature that many of you have requested.

Unfortunately location ‘pinning’ is not quite as finished as I’d like it to be, and will be in the next release.  I’m currently still working on it, and should have a new release with this shortly. I could have released a crude version of this, however I’d like to release something a bit more polished.

As per usual, if you find any bugs or issues feel free to post them in the Forums.

Happy Rust-ing!

Fix: Potential Issue for Windows 8.1 Users

Just a quick note for all Windows 8.1 users trying to use Rusty Navigator.  Apparently there is an issue with the non-pro version of Windows 8.1 not starting the Winpcap service at boot time, so when you try and start Rusty Navigator it will crash with an error.  Troubleshooting with a Windows 8.1 user tonight, we found that if you change a simple registry key in windows and reboot it should fix the problem.

Change HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NPF\Start to value 0×03 (SERVICE_DEMAND_START). In the registry and reboot.

If you do not know how to use the windows registry, you can try starting the Winpcap service by typing the following command:

runas /u:administrator “net start npf”

This should work as well, however you will have to type this command after every reboot.  Thanks so much to ‘maukaleoole’ for troubleshooting this fix with me, as I don’t have a Windows 8.1 machine at my disposal.

Happy Navigating!

Status Update

I try to update this on a daily basis, just to keep you all informed of daily happenings of Rusty Navigator.  I’ve decided to update the Rusty Navigator page to reflect what it actually does now, I kept updating the software and completely forget about things like the website… ha.

In terms of whats been added to Rusty Navigator itself:
- The small bug-fixes to fix some friend position sharing issues should be resolved now.
- The rusty navigator map can now be zoomed in and out with the mouse wheel.  Added an option in the menu too for people who may be mouse wheel challenged.
- Forced a server IP refresh when sharing friend locations.  This should fix the issue with local interfaces binding as the server IP.  If it continues to be problematic, I have another approach to do this automatic detection; but this should work well in most… if not all cases.

Now I’m going to try and throw in location pinning before the Saturday release.  I’m going to add a save / load function for now; however I may add the ability to share points with your friends during a friend location share… I think that would be kind of cool.

Let me know what you guys think!

Rusty Navigator Stress Test Bug Fixes

Just a quick update… This weekend I should have a update together to address some errors that can happen at peak times during Friend Sharing, and friend shares not showing up. (Btw, the easiest remedy for this is to re-detect your server IP and share again) I was actually playing Rust tonight with it and found that happening with my connection.

As well, lots have started to use the position sharing feature, which is great! However during peak times it may not capture data as quick as what it needs, and a crash can occur.  I have a fix made up for this already.

New release should happen this Saturday.  If you have any more issues you have found, please post them in the Forum and I will try to include them in the new build.

Happy Rust-ing!

Improved In Game Map – New Rusty Navigator Released

I want to start out by thanking everyone for their overwhelming support on Rusty Navigator.  With you, the players I will make this the best in game map for Rust.  Feedback on the Forum has been great, and I appreciate all your comments and suggestions.

The next implementation I am going to look into include a map in which can be zoomed in and out, and a new, cleaner map with tighter tolerances.  I was going to add this to this current release, however I opted for a few other things….

Rust In Game MapLatest Rusty Navigator with Playing Friends

*ADDED* New GPS needle with 360o rotation.
*ADDED* Updated drawing code for slower machines.
*ADDED* Locations will now match the server.
*UPDATE* Friends Menu Easier To Use.
*ADDED* Able to re-detect server IP (Useful for changing servers)
*ADDED* Able to “Stop Sharing” locations.
*UPDATE* Friends now refresh every 5 seconds.
*UPDATE* Made friend position lime color and 10px smaller.

This Is the Rusty Navigator Build You’ll Want To Use With Friends

Join the same server, decide on a group/password combo to share between your friends.  Everyone with that group/password combo on that server will see each other!

Spread the word about this release, as its one of the best ones yet, (heck all the social buttons are there for ya! :P) And let me know what you think of the latest release in the Forums.

Rusty Navigator Home – Rust In Game Map