Rust In Game Map Development

locatorSo I got curious tonight about other packets that get sent in game; Lo and behold I have the beginnings of an animal/resource/box/etc locator.  I have locations/positions of objects but have yet to decode what the objects are… Looks to be a project for tomorrow afternoon.

With the amount of packets that are getting filtered now, if you have a hard time running Rust as it is, you are going to have some pain with this app.  I was toying around with some sniffing on an older laptop of mine which runs Rust… just not well, and well packets were getting bogged left right and center.  Throw in hundreds of update calls to new objects to draw on the map,.. and it gets ugly.  Likewise there are still a few performance things to tweak, so we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve implemented the basic structure to pin points of interest on a map, and should have this feature implemented completely.

I’ll keep you posted…