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Rusty Navigator is application that shows where you are in the rust world!

Rusty Navigator
RustyNav helps you find out where you are in the game on a 2D map. It passively sniffs packet data to read location information.





  • Shows you where you are in the rust world!Top down view of where you are in the world. Map requires some reworking still as it is not pin-point accurate yet.  The newest release shows you where you are exactly in the world now! Certain geographical features may not line up exactly just yet (but pretty darn close), a new map will be coming soon–however most users have expressed other features to be implemented before this.  I like to listen to you, the user of this and will always curve development to satisfy what you the users want implemented first.
  • 360 Degree Direction based indicator

Center indicator shows the direction which you are facing; With the actual angle direction in degrees in the bottom status bar.

  • X,Z Co-ordinates

In game-location co-ordinates that can be used on other online maps, or given to others. Accuracy matches that of actual in-game /location.

  • Friend Location Sharing

While using Rusty Navigator, you can share your location with your friends on the same server.  Set a unique group name with a password, and all your friends using the same combination on the same server will see your location!

  • In-Game action status

Reads stream of what the client is doing.  Not super useful, but heck, why not.  Current implementation shows when AFK, Idle, Walking, Running, Attacking, Jumping,  and Crouching.

  • Map Zoom Feature

Ability to zoom the map in and out depending on your monitor setup.

  • Mark Points of Interest on a Map

    You can now place pin-point notes on the map as your using Rusty Navigator.  You can also Save and Load your points of interest!

ToDo Still…

  • Ability to use Rusty Navigator from a second computer to listen in on packet data.
  • Finish off In-Game action status list.
  • Fix the Map from going Wonky past Hacker Valley.
  • Update The Map

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