Sharing Rusty Navigator Across The Internets

So it looks like Rusty Navigator is popping up on a lot of different forums and websites everywhere; Which is great!  However I do have one ask of people sharing it on Forums and whatnot….

Rusty Navigator is updated _alot_, my one ask for people who are hosting this file is to link back to this website.  There are a few sites out there still touting as the latest Rusty Navigator which has more quirks then the latest. As well, most forums that I have seen it on screen their file uploads for viruses. (Great to see)  But for you guys and gals, always try and download from when you can.  With all this Cheat Punch stuff going on, who knows what someone may do to my installers.

On a lighter note, be sure to register on the Forums and post any suggestions or bugs/quirks you have found.  I like to hear your input, and will roll up your suggestion into an upcoming release.  Again the next release ( should be slated for early next week.