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Sigh… Well back to the drawing board.

So something interesting came about today…. Looks like I have to rip apart the new net Structure for Rust.  Rust was using something called “Lidgren” for its data needs, it has since changed to something else…  Actually awhile ago, but I have not updated my rust or dedicated server I test on, so I have begun the process again of dissecting the packet structure.  Not too concerned, I’ve made a few tools along the way to make it easier each time they decided to want to switch things up.  So a bit longer to wait on the New Rusty Navigator.

Really its not all a waste of time, as a bunch of things did not change.  Such things as structures and how things are transmitted are similar, its just re-configuring to use the new library that Rust is using now.

Stay tuned, now off to work on it some more!