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Cheatpunch update

So from the information I have been reading, it appears that CheatPunch is taking screenshots of peoples computer while running Rust.  This being said, I don’t know as of yet if it is limited to the client window of Rust, or complete desktop if running in a window.

That being said, you can avoid sending off your personal computers screen shots by doing the following:

Running Windows, open the following file AS ADMINISTRATOR (or it will not let you save) C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

Add the following line:

“ gsin256345.elasticbeanstalk.com” (no quotes)

Make sure you save this file, and reboot your machine. In a nutshell what this will do is whenever CheatPunch wants to send off data, it will get redirected to your local computer before hitting a DNS lookup.  Since your not running a CheatPunch server, it will appear that the system is down, and be unable to send off the data.

I have not got any reports yet of being CheatPunch’d by running Rusty Navigator.  However this is a step to protect yourself just in case they are targeting Rusty Navigator as well.



New Rust Anti-Cheat “CheatPunch”

So I have gotten a few questions today in regards to this new Anti-Cheat system called “CheatPunch” that is built into Rust, and if Rusty Navigator flags anything with it.

At this point, it appears that this new system targets .dll injections and Rust hooks.  However its unfortunate as most of the well written ones can still evade this system by how the anti-cheat system works.  Rusty Navigator should be safe to use still without fear of anything happening.  This could always change, so what I am going to do is push up the ability to use Rusty Navigator on a second PC to listen to packet data.  This will make detection completely impossible, and give some of you some piece of mind.  Next release of Rusty Navigator is looking like in or around the beginning of next week.

I still am a little shocked at the lack of changes in Rust still.  I’ve only owned the game for a month, and for being an alpha they are being quite conservative with new “stuff” in the game…. Removed Zombies (which I actually enjoyed); and added rocks that break differently now…. *sigh*

Oh well… Happy Rusting!  (At least the resources wont kill you now…)