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Rust And The Quest For More

So a week ago or so I picked up the game Rust from the Steam Store…  Good friend of mine recommended it over DayZ, so I figured for $20, what the heck.  I knew the game was still not ‘release’ quality by any means but playable.  So off I ventured into the game not knowing much about the dynamics, but picked up the basics quickly.  Kill stuff, harvest stuff, survive.

I soon learned that on most servers, no one is your friend and they all want to kill you.  So I had to build a stash somewhere to keep my belongings whilst venturing off into what is usually death at some point. (Heavy hacking was happening, to the fact that you would just die for no reason.)

However, I soon became frustrated that I could never ever get my bearings of where I was, and where the hell I had built and stored my stuff.  I needed more…  So I built what turned  into Rusty Navigator.