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Rusty Navigator Released

So Rusty Navigator is born!

I decided to write a GPS style application for Rust, and well I’ve packaged it up and ready for end-user installs.  Took 3 days or so to go from reading packet data to showing whats going on in a game. Now this app is not a hook for the game, it runs in a complete separate process than Rust and does not access its memory.  It just reads incoming packets getting sent to your computer and figures out data based on that.  I’m not responsible for any bans that may occur, and all that jazz; but this is a different kind of beast compared to most ‘helper’ apps out there.

So with that being said….

I Just finished posting the initial build of Rusty Navigator.  There may be the odd bug here or there; as it is a work in progress.  Visit the Rusty Navigator page for all progress updates and details.  Going forward I will just post a quick blurb on the main page when updates occur.  Going to try to throw up a quick video of what it does shortly on YouTube….


Rust And The Quest For More

So a week ago or so I picked up the game Rust from the Steam Store…  Good friend of mine recommended it over DayZ, so I figured for $20, what the heck.  I knew the game was still not ‘release’ quality by any means but playable.  So off I ventured into the game not knowing much about the dynamics, but picked up the basics quickly.  Kill stuff, harvest stuff, survive.

I soon learned that on most servers, no one is your friend and they all want to kill you.  So I had to build a stash somewhere to keep my belongings whilst venturing off into what is usually death at some point. (Heavy hacking was happening, to the fact that you would just die for no reason.)

However, I soon became frustrated that I could never ever get my bearings of where I was, and where the hell I had built and stored my stuff.  I needed more…  So I built what turned  into Rusty Navigator.