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A New Rusty Navigator?

I’ve been getting a few emails in regards to updating Rusty Navigator to work with the latest build of Rust.  …Actually more then just a few, its been kinda overwhelming.  I did this as just a program to show where the heck I was in the game, and decided to share it with the world.  But coding for the new version of Rust…?

I will say this…

I will take some time to take a look at packet structure, and how the cipher operates and see if I can get a basic Rusty Navigator out for the newest version of Rust.  Now with the latest anti-cheats, and everything else, It will be essential that Rusty Navigator to be run on another machine.  This makes detection impossible.

I’ll keep you posted…


Rusty Navigator Released — A Better In Game Map

As promised, new Rusty Navigator has been released.

The following things have been updated:
- Various Bug Fixes
- Cleaned up the draw code to omit functions that do not need updating when not in use.
- Removed some control stuffs that just didn’t need to be around anymore.
- Status bar does not show automatically anymore.  You must enable it in the Map menu now.
- Mini Mode added. This adds the feature to keep the map “Always on top” and removes all bars and windows. (You can activate this by double clicking the map or in the Map menu)
- Adding points of interest now changed to right clicking on the map to add points.
- Updated the packet timing on how often the map is updated.  The map will now be more responsive.
- Added Windows installer files to the setup, this was omitted in the deployment for some strange reason last release.

Please report any issues you find over on the Forums.  As well, for people experiencing any graphics lagging please report this as well with your machine setup.  The next step will be to push out a smaller map file to increase draw speed, however I think I will just include this in the next release. (Which will hopefully just include a new map and a fix for going off the map when you pass hacker valley.)  I’m going to hopefully have the next release out by this weekend.

In the meantime, give this release a try and head over to the Downloads section.

Happy Rusting.

An Update Tonight… An Update Tomorrow…


So I know Rusty Navigator was just released mere hours ago, however it lacked the inclusion of pinning points of interest in the Rust map which I know many of you were looking forward to.  Tomorrow I should have a new polished version which includes this feature.  Currently Saving/Loading points on a map works, and I just finished up calibrating the new method of storing data based on this.

I also changed the friend text and point of interest text to a white ivory color which will contrast much better on top of the rust game map.  Adding points on the map is as simple as clicking on where you would like to add a point, and filling out the text to go with it.  Eventually I may have a sharing feature to share your saved points easily with friends; however right now the points can be saved to a file and sent off to friends.

This program has come a far way in the last two weeks, and I look forward to adding even more to it! Stay tuned for tomorrows update!

Status Update

I try to update this on a daily basis, just to keep you all informed of daily happenings of Rusty Navigator.  I’ve decided to update the Rusty Navigator page to reflect what it actually does now, I kept updating the software and completely forget about things like the website… ha.

In terms of whats been added to Rusty Navigator itself:
- The small bug-fixes to fix some friend position sharing issues should be resolved now.
- The rusty navigator map can now be zoomed in and out with the mouse wheel.  Added an option in the menu too for people who may be mouse wheel challenged.
- Forced a server IP refresh when sharing friend locations.  This should fix the issue with local interfaces binding as the server IP.  If it continues to be problematic, I have another approach to do this automatic detection; but this should work well in most… if not all cases.

Now I’m going to try and throw in location pinning before the Saturday release.  I’m going to add a save / load function for now; however I may add the ability to share points with your friends during a friend location share… I think that would be kind of cool.

Let me know what you guys think!

Rust Game Map Fixes

So I thought I’d make a quick post tonight with some update news for Rusty Navigator.  Tonight I have fixed the ‘relative’ area of where you are in Rust, and now your location will _exactly_ match up with the servers.  Im also just finishing up the code on changing how the GPS Navi works on the Rust map.  It now rotates completely relative to what angle you are facing in the world.  Pretty exciting stuff.

This is one of the things that was mentioned on the Rusty Navigator Forum, and I will always prioritize what you guys want fixed/added the most!  Be sure to register and post, as you could possibly change where Rusty Navigator is going.  I appreciate any input.

Tomorrow I am looking to upload a bug fix version of the last build.  I think there is some confusion on how the Friend Finder system works. Your friends must be running Rusty Navigator as well, then you (and they) will see where you are as long as your playing on the same server with the same group/password combination.  I’m going to add more error checks and make it a bit more user-friendly for everyone.

A new build will be out tomorrow evening after I get some testing done on the current stable build.  Thereafter the next build will fix the accuracy on the map, and a new map will be put on Rusty Navigator.  I know its a pain in the ass to keep un-installing and re-installing a new Rusty Navigator, but hopefully this will be built up quickly!