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A New Rusty Navigator?

I’ve been getting a few emails in regards to updating Rusty Navigator to work with the latest build of Rust.  …Actually more then just a few, its been kinda overwhelming.  I did this as just a program to show where the heck I was in the game, and decided to share it with the world.  But coding for the new version of Rust…?

I will say this…

I will take some time to take a look at packet structure, and how the cipher operates and see if I can get a basic Rusty Navigator out for the newest version of Rust.  Now with the latest anti-cheats, and everything else, It will be essential that Rusty Navigator to be run on another machine.  This makes detection impossible.

I’ll keep you posted…


Rusty Navigator Update — Requests, Speed And Bugs

rustynav1151Quick update for all of you this morning; I’ve had a few suggestions and bug reports that I have been trying to push into this release.  I’m just waiting to hear back from a few more users to finalize this next release.

I’ve had a request to remove the status bar which shows the XZ/Heading stuff at the bottom.  I’ve made it so it starts with it closed, and you can always turn it on if you want.  I agree its not as useful as what it once was, since the GPS needle moves around now.

Secondly, I’ve cleaned up the draw code, its basically as lean as it can be.  I’ve had some reports that some people have laggy performance, especially on Windows 8 machines.  There are two less controls on the form now ( which really were put there for quick development reasons back in the initial release), and some draw calls wont happen until there is something to draw (ie friends/points). I think I found the issue with some of the frame rate problems, which was one line of code from the old gps 90 degree needle.

Third, people are still having problems here and there with Winpcap which I’m going to try and do something to ease the pain of debugging whats going on when it decides to not work.  It seems all of the time, it has to do with the WinPcap service not running correctly with some of the newest versions of windows.  As well there is an issue with the gps going all wonky when you walk past towards hacker mountain area.  Going to try and work on this and have it corrected.

So if you have come across any bugs, or have any suggestions please head over to the Forum, and post your thoughts.  I can try to squeeze them in to the next release.  Im looking to release the next version most likely this Tuesday/Wednesday.

Thanks for the support, and i’ll keep you updated!